Tis’ the season of the bikini; especially with the beautiful beaches here in Encinitas.  Our focus this month is on aging healthily and being your best.  This gets trickier and trickier as the world around us gets more polluted and stressful.  "Beautify" is our 6th "Seed of Health" here at Bloom. I would like to remind everyone about  all of  the Seeds of Health: Discover, Detoxify, Repattern, Replenish, and Nourish;  all are important for keeping us radiating our health and beauty  from the inside out.

Beauty truly comes from within. Healthy digestion, balanced hormones, replenished nutrients, and a detoxified body makes all the difference in our aging process.

Knowing that beauty begins from within, we always start there. For the last 7 years, I have set out on a journey seeding the best treatments and products in natural healthy aging from around the world.  From Italy, France, and right here in Southern California; I have searched high and low to find the best of the best.  I have put all of these products and treatments together into our trademarked Notox Natural BioAesthetics™ and natural anti-aging program. Dr. Orian, our resident expert in Notox™, will be sharing about the Notox PRP facial procedure in this newsletter. Please stop by Bloom to check out some of our products such as: Vitasse Oil ™ – beauty oil crafted by a family in France containing precious anti-aging essential oils like Immortelle, Frankincense, and Helichyrysum.

Also check out our custom blended cytokine creams with dermarollers for collagen stimulation, as well as SkinGlo™ shots at The Blend Bar ™.

All in all, some of the real keys to healthy aging and looking good in a bikini start with knowing your own body.  Know your chemistry, deficiencies, hormone imbalances, and food sensitivities, and work every day to correct these things.  Cultivate wellness and beauty from within every day, and of course treat yourself to a detox or Notox goodie to help keep your beauty shining bright!

Love, Health, and Beauty to you all!


This is a special Bloom room dedicated to calm and private test sampling.  This relaxed and comfortable space is where our in-house lab specialist, Jessica is your personal testing concierge. No more sitting around a waiting room with 10 people you don’t know.  Personal care rules!

Our Team is Blooming!

Introducing Paola, Stephanie, and Natalie - Welcome!

Introducing Paola: Bloom is known for its innovation, creativity, and passionate delivery of natural medicine. This is precisely why we sought the expertise of Paola; she has been brought eon as our Business Development Consultant. Paola has an incredible track record for success. She has not only led the company Reef as the International Sales Director, but she has also owned several distribution businesses in the world of fashion.  Fun fact, Paola has the ability to speak 5 languages fluently! We will be leaning on her multitasking talents to streamline all of our blooming ideas to expand successfully.

Introducing Stephanie: Stephanie’s smile will be one of the first things you see when you enter our Bloom door.  Stephanie has taken the position as our new Patient Care Coordinator.  If it seems she has a familiar face, you may have admitted to your guilty pleasure of viewing the long time running (41 years!) soap opera All My Children (and Guiding Light) where she had a roll for 10 years! Stephanie  is also the  owner of Happy Paws (a pet care business), and is currently attending the Natural Healing Institute to become a Holistic Health Practitioner!  Welcome Stephanie!

Introducing Natalie: Her bubbly self will be popping in and out of the office to lead the Bloom team in marketing and events. Natalie has a history in Event Management and Production. Keep an eye out for awesome new events and especially our Van Program to be in full effect in a few short months! Fun fact, Natalie also served in the United States Air Force and is a proud veteran, she deployed three times during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and OIF, but she's not all business, you can see her cheering on the sidelines as captain of the San Diego Enforcers Football cheer team! Welcome aboard Nat!

This month, our Ms. “Go To” girl Maegan will be starting her dream job with the San Diego Chargers football organization! We knew Bloom would be a short stop on her career journey, but we will miss her very much!   You may still have some luck seeing her out and about as she will be a part of the Chargers’ Community Outreach team while finishing up her Masters Degree in Sports Management!


Yes, we finally have a fresh shipment of Bloom T’s and cute Raglan ¾ sleeve tops.



If you have received your Skinny Shot this week, you may have noticed our gorgeous Vitajuwel water dispenser. This is our latest addition to water enhancement; a rediscovered artistic tradition of using gemstones to vitalize the actual structures of water.  Dr. Masaru Emoto, a highly regarded pioneer in water research, discovered that water’s crystal structures are changed by external influences.  The gems have been linked to charge the water, giving it more energy ( similar to how a quartz watch works!).  Vitajuwel is not only aesthetically pleasing, but tasty and pleasing to your body as well!


We have a stocked shelf of this botanical blessing. Did you know that a little lime essential oil could be used in a mist as an antibacterial agent? Lime oil  has anti-rheumatic properties, and is also known to assist in the recovery of insect bites!  Perfect timing as we enter the summer months. Limes - not just for margaritas!



Bloom Digestive Panel 
The Digestive Panel  is a great resourse to test for  gluten, soy, dairy, and egg sensitivities. Find out what your sensitivity level is, and take control of your digestive health with the Bloom Digestive Panel


Fatburner Shot
This is one of our most popular shots, and a hit for summer. The base for this shot is our Skinny Shot with added L--carnitine.

Hormonious Shot
Time to go from hormone hell to hormone well.
CONTENTS:  Skinny +Extra B6 + Magnesium


I am excited to write this month about our Notox Facial PRP treatment. As an alternative or adjunct to Botox and dermal fillers, we have been seeing some wonderful results over the recent months with this all-natural aesthetics procedure. The treatment stimulates your own healing response in the skin, resulting in fewer fine lines and wrinkles, more firm and toned skin, and improved complexion. 

The appointment is approximately one hour and has very limited down time. Upon arrival, you will have one tube of your blood drawn that we will spin down in a centrifuge to obtain your own personal platelet rich plasma. Your PRP is gently injected into trouble areas and applied over the entire face, neck and chest with a derma roller and facial massage.

The treatment works best in conjunction with our other Bloom Notox treatments, including the Skin Glow IVs and shots and the Cytokine Bioaesthetics facial creams to be used at home with the derma roller for continued results. We are currently recommending that patients receive this treatment once every 12 to 18 months as the process continues to improve the skin with time.


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