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Our theme this month is to ‘Feel the Love of Health’.  With Valentines Day coming up, this month does become  about love, which is so much fun.  We want to really  concentrate some of that loving vibe on you all loving yourselves, first and foremost.  So often, when I’m working with patients, so much of our interference of taking care of ourselves is because of us working so hard to take care of everybody else in our daily lives.  I hear so many women say, for example, “There’s no way I would be able to find the time to make myself breakfast in the morning because I have to get my kids fed and then take them to school”. 

We know it all too well – we put ourselves last all too often.  So, for this month, in our brand new year I am challenging you all to try to truly put yourself first this month.  Pay attention to your patterns, and start to notice when and where you are getting too sucked in taking care of others at home and work and when you are least taking care of yourself. Maybe you’re working into your lunch break to get something completed for your boss.  Or maybe you’re becoming the “Yes” woman to the PTA, for church projects, or maybe even for your own friends, and you’re stretching yourself too thin.

Take this month to identify those parts and patterns in your life in which you begin to lose focus of yourself and your needs.  Let’s see if we can replace even a couple of those times with you taking a step back, and doing whatever it is that can truly nourish you instead of taxing you….and your adrenals. 

To help get this “Feel the Love” vibe going – we are going to extend our tree of intentions at the front desk of Bloom.  Please if you haven’t yet, take some time to write down an intention or two and hang it on our intention tree.  At the end of this month, we are going to have our amazing energy worker, Shauna Piscitello, do a blessing of the tree and all of your intentions so that we can help you make these intentions come true for you.

Also, we have offered some great Feel the Love of Health specials that you can take advantage of this month to help get you set on your path to self love this year.

Dr. Ward

Feel The Love

Let yourself feel the love. Nourishing yourself is so important and it feels so good when you do. So much better than a box of chocolates or bottle of wine – not to say those things are nice from time to time.

This month commit to nourishing yourself from the inside. This can include consuming more fruits and vegetables, eating less sugar, cutting out coffee or whatever vices you indulge in on a regular basis.

I suggest committing to 60-100 ounces of water consumption per day. Water is so, so, so important and many of us don’t drink nearly as much as we should. Hydrating your cells improves function and energy production; supports detoxification and weight los; improves moods and bowel function and so much more. It is vital to our health and can make a huge difference in whatever your health goals may be. So drink up and nourish yourself this month and see how much your body loves feeling the love.

Dr. Brooke Leverone ND


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n the theme of "feel the Love", I would like to take a moment to talk about a very important way that we we can all show ourselves the love. It is important that we all learn and strive to take time out of our lives to care for and support ourselves. For many of you that come to Bloom you are already doing this and I applaud you as this is one of the most difficult struggles that I deal with in my personal journey to health. Showing ourselves the love may present it self in many ways. For some it may be getting on a comprehensive health plan and starting an exercise regimen to nourish our bodies. For others it may be as simple as taking more walks on the beach with our loved ones. Further, it may be taking some quiet time out of our busy days to meditate and focus ourselves on the being the best we can be. Whatever it is for you, I encourage all of you to show yourselves some love this month, I will be trying to do the same

Dr. Orian ND

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